Trying to make money from art is like trying to make money from love. Either way you end up faking it.

2008 is whirling into view. It may be the last of the series.

The Final Campaign begins when the new Postal Art Card is painted

If it isn't worth doing for nothing,
then it probably isn't worth doing at all.....draloo

Draloo Arts, Inc.

What is the Point?

The point of this project is to prove that I am free to hold the opinions expressed in these paintings which I have made and that I can have them printed and then send them freely to anyone I choose, anywhere in the United States, or anywhere on Earth and that the only thing I have to fear is art criticism

Last Free Offer in America

Suggested uses for Postal Art Cards

#1 Mail them to a political prisoner

#2 attach wires with resistors and electronic components sticking out from behind the of cards. Glue them onto walls in Boston.

#3: Glue a popsicle stick to the back and use them as very small protest posters.

#4: Have friends on vacation mail them from random exotic and distant locations to that annoying neighbor or brother in-law.

#5: Use them to send a note to the members of your Congressional Delegation.

#6: Put 24 cent stamps on a set and leave them on a bus seat or in a rack of postcards in a bookstore.

#7: Get the 45 card set and mail a full five card set to nine people chosen at random in nine countries chosen at random. Mail one card a week.---Send your suggestions:

#8 Buy self sticking magnets and put them on your refridgerator


2006 Campaign

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We will not sell, share, rent, or divulge your address or other information to anyone under any circumstances.

Postal Art Cards
More powerful than the impassioned rattlings of a million angry keyboards, these paintings document the meltdown of America


International Patrons
Versoix, Switzerland
Odense, Denmark
Caen, France
Maramures Romania
Poznan, Poland
Reykjavík, Iceland
Chennai, India
Sudbury,ON, Canada
Parramatta, Australia
Preston, England
Sydney, Australia
St. Petersburg, Russia
Alexandria, Egypt
Tasmania, Australia
Georgetown, Ontario
Glasgow, Scotland
Krakow, Poland
Leca Do Balio, Portugal
Nij Beets, The Netherlands
Chennai, India
Hyderabad, India
Hengelo, The Netherlands
Skarpnäck, Sweden
Quebec City, Quebec
Angus, Scotland
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arendal, Norway
Hamburg, Germany
Hengelo, The Netherlands
Aberdeen, Scotland
Bruxelles, BELGIQUE
Somerset, England
Southampton, England
Emerald, Australia
Geneva, Switzerland
Guadalajara, Mexico
Stockholm, Sweden
Dublin, Ireland
Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Glasgow, Scotland
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lancashire, England
Manchester, England
Toronto, Canada
GWYNEDD, North Wales




Free Offer

Victory 2008

The painting of 2008 has begun. It will be printed and given away in new sets of six. When the painting is done, the offer is valid. The game continues.

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Art is Freedom

Art is Freedom. Neither comes without costs. Sometimes the cost of Freedom and the cost of art is in confronting your fear. When I painted these, I sought to satisfy only myself. I painted for the fun of painting. When I showed these paintings, uneasy dread was the usual response
If these paintings are an accurate representation of the circumstances and direction of our nation, then we have much to fight. Is our government collecting names and information to compile a list of the disloyal? Who would be so foolhardy as to put their name, address and the same of a friend on these cards and then put the cards in the public mail? Will buying these cards earn you a place on the List? Will mailing them gain you special attention from the authorities?
Are we so fearful of our government and its thousand kinds of niggling bureaucratic torture that we are afraid of simple art? Maybe it is bad art but it doesn't matter because you will never know unless you hold it in your hand. If a state of fear is where we stand as a people, then I think you should be proud to be on the List. It cost very little to mail a postcard, only twenty-four cents and the courage to drop it in the box. If your fear has cost you your freedom to think, then you need not fear losing anything else. You are already a Zombie.

"Art, like terrorism, is ambiguous.
Everything depends upon your perspective"
michael woolard

August 24/07: Having painted with toothpicks and with a cannon, I can say, with confidence, that it does not matter what your method may be, all that matters is that you employ it.



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