"If it isn't worth doing for nothing, then it probably isn't worth doing at all"....draloo

4th of July Project



In Celebration of the 4th of July, I will attempt to make 13 paintings of the Revolutionary War era American Flag using the Golden Paint Cannon. (putting the Art in Artillery)The field of blue and the stars will be painted with the cannon.

A Free Offer of Postal Art Cards is available to one individual in each of the thirteen original colonies.

Virginia - New Jersey - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - Pennsylvania - New York - Maryland - Connecticut - Rhode Island - Delaware - North Carolina - South Carolina - Georgia

Virginia- accepted in Wheeling


July 4th, 2007

Rain delay in the fourth inning. Good progress made.
Double-header tomorrow.

7/5/07 Got four started before the rain. Three remain and then shoot the field of blue.

7/7/07 The thirteen are ready for the field of blue. Sadly, progress will be limited to available time and weather conditions. I hope to paint the blue next Saturday.


July 20- Good Progress

July 21,2007: Took a detour to paint an Emergency Iraqi flag. Instead of "Allah Akbar", it bear the prase, "Live Free, Or Die".

8/31/07: The phrase will be stencilled from right to left in reverse. As I see it, it works. 250 condoms should arrive tomorrow to begin completion of the 4th of July Project.



7/14/07 Today, I shoot the blues.



Art Show July 20, 2007



July 3rd Tunin' Up
Test firing the vertically oriented paint cannon configuration and exploring its possibilities.