Campaign Strategy
The Evolution of a Presidential Campaign
Art is making Something out of Nothing

Campaign 2008

June 1, 2007: Draloo announces a new campaign to become President of the United States. Voting will commence July 4, 2008 under rules yet to be defined.

November 8,2006: The discipline imposed by this campaign has resulted in the transfer of 300 pounds of Postal Art Cards to people in all fifty States and several people around the World. While the dream of taking the White House has come to naught, the larger dream persist. We refuse defeat. This campaign continues. There are 300 pounds of cards ready for service to mankind.

Novenber 5: On the eve of the election, victory seems unlikely. Our efforts assure that fifty years from now, while cleaning out their grandmother's drawers, people will find a set of these paintings. Perhaps they will laugh. I suspect that they will marvel at the clarity of vision.

October 19: Many thousands of cards have been released throughout the Nation in Operation:Trick or Treat?. What will become of them is unknown. We will target those states required to win this election and thus gain the success of this Company as defined in the beginning.

October 12: A Gallery captured in Operation:Trick or Treat? will count as three delegates.

October 1: We began this effort with an outreach to America's independent bookstores in the hope that we might reach people of independent minds and artistic curiosity. Some few retain the open minded courage we sought but many, if not most, are cowed by the fear of giving offense to their customer base. This is understandable because their livelihood depends their customers' good will. Many, if not most, of the thousands of Postal Art Cards sent them were thrown, sometimes with great vigor, into the garbage. Some of the cards filtered out and found their way to diverse places.
Next we began to focus on the individual collector. This program met with some success and has been very satisfying. It is extremly difficult to overcome people's suspiction of an offer of something for nothing and their fear of sharing their identity and address with strangers. There seems to exist an uneasy discomfort that subscribing to the sentiment expressed in the paintings will earn one a burst of zeros and ones in some mega-computer data base of the Thoughtpolice. We too have appreciated the danger but we have refused to be afraid.
As the election approaches we will share with the artistic community, the last bastion of fearlessness in America, a flood of Postal Art Cards to Independent Galleries throughout the United States. It is in this way that the greatest number of paintings can be put into the hands of citizens. We intend to have delivered the remainder of these Postal Art Cards by the elections of November. This project has been my little red sports car and I have had a blast!

September 30: October Surprise! Deep penetrations combined with large scale movements will win the day. Secret operations are underway. Massachusetts and Columbus,Ohio have capitulated.

September 11: If this race is to be successful, Patrons who request the Free Offer must be accorded full delegate status.

September 2:The free offer presents the greater possibility of realizing the vision.Distribution is the key! Investigations be damned!

August 8: I believe that these paintings are more powerful than the impassioned rattlings
of a million angry keyboards. That these paintings affect people viscerally
qualifies them as art, bad art perhaps, but art all the same. We are not engaged
in a struggle of bad and good. Our fight is for truth.
The new Free Offer campaign is the most viable and cost effective avenue of distribution.
It is through random contacts made in the course of mailings to bookstores and organizations
that we may reach individuals who actually want the cards.
Far better to send them to such people than mail the cards cold as has been the practice.
Cold calls will continue but the focus will be on the FreeOffer

7/28/06 We seek to give away large quanities of cards to organizations
entertaining large groups of citizens eager for a souvenir. Intial effort have been thwarted.
The practice of mailing packets to organizations and businesses
may yield results.The cover letter is used to move the cards in a vertically non linear fashion
throughout the organization. We will enlist the aid of the prole whose job it is
to open the mail, The top of the letter reads:"To whomever opens this :
Please take a set for yourself, if you like, and pass the rest on to some individual
within the organization who you think may appreciate them. Ask that they do the same."
The goal is to get the cards into the hands of people who will put them into a mailbox.

7/21/06: We will infiltrate antiwar groups with random mailings of cards. Political
and other interest groups will be targeted. We have given away seven thousand
cards and have sold a total of 55. This is in line with financial plan expectations.

6/25/06:The target demographic of this campaign is less than 1% of the population. Reaching that segment
of the population may be accomplished through random distributions of cards to the people of independent bookstores.
Some cards will be promptly dispatched to the waste bin but some will filter out.
A new mailing to a new set of stores will begin.

6/17/06: "Whether I sell them or give them away is irrelevant.".
The campaign of free distribution will continue...

6/16/06:..."I have patience, persistence, and forty seven thousand postcards."

6/15/06: An investigation of early polling has revealed irregularities.This campaign is not about money.
This campaign is about the future of freedom in America.

6/6/06: Limit product line to 500 card, 200 card, 50 card domestic/international offers, and the three
retail products. Compose a more soothing follow-up letter.

6/5/06: We will concentrate efforts toward the individual collector, truly independent
bookstore and the small domestic and international entrepreneur. The 1000 card product
will be eliminated. To achieve the twin goals of the business model and the Vision, it is
necessary to sell many packs of 50 cards, domestically, to ensure election as
President of the United States and, internationally, to realize the Vision.

6/3/06: The initial mailing has produced no Corporate Donations.
A grassroots campaign must be mounted

Ammendments to the rules:

A sale of the 50 pack shall constitute 1 delegate of the five needed to gain the Electoral
votes of a given state.
A sale of the single(retail) pack to a private collector shall constitute 1 delegate of the
five needed to gain the Electoral votes of that state.

Special Celebrity appearance expected soon!


Victory is Ours because We make the Rules!