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#1 Execute your television
#2 Believe in Yourself
#3 Do Something
#4 Refuse to be afraid
#5 Believe in the Bill of Rights
#6 Act as though you are free
#7 Have Fun



Campaign 2008


Campaign 2006

Draloo for President- 2008

A new campaign to seize the White House

Mobilization begins June 1, 2007
Voting Commences - July 4, 2008

"Victory is Ours because we make the rules.".....draloo

During the mobilization period new campaign artwork will be created. The painting of the year 2008 awaits inspiration and clarification. A new Campaign page and a new scorecard page will be activated soon. Beginning July the 4th, 2008, a new campaign in which a single set of six Postal Art Cards sent to an individual will count as an electoral vote for their state. If, according to the scorecard from the 1952 board game, Draloo accumulates the 269 vote majority of the 537 total votes available, Draloo will be declared President of the United States.

Inauguration may require Revolution.



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