Report Violations

Delegate: Thanx for the PC's. I have set them out on counter with other "Free Stuff," but I really don't think those are the cards for my shop. Good Luck,
1/4 delegate: We decided not to carry your post cards but a staffer liked them enough to take them home.
Delegate:People like them---we have them as giveaways at the counter. Thanks for sending them!!!
Delegate: There are really powerful. I really appreciate you sending them. We will be sure to send them out.

1/2 Delegate I snuck some post cards onto the postcard rack at Tower Records. They have a revolving display with free cards that advertise Tower. I also put some cards in the postcard rack at CVS - I'd like to see someone carry a card up to the counter and ask the price.
CVS manager gets confused when customer asks the price of Plan Nine postcard and insists it is not for sale. CVS officials believe card was placed there as a secret message to activate long dormant greeting card cell. Hallmark sends greeting card investigators to CVS stores to see if birthday cards have been tampered with. CVS pulls cards for Christian and Jewish holidays from shelves fearing Islamists will stop shopping at CVS.
The Plan Nine postcard has been turned over to DHS for testing and expert interpretation.

Delegate The Tattered Cover: I did receive your postcards. I don't think that they are a
fit for us, but I think they're interesting art work...What would you like me to do with these?... Will do. We have a good spot for free stuff here..and the content is not a problem for us. We believe in free speech and our customers know
it. Good luck with your work.

Delegate Skylight Books: Thanks for sending your cards and checking up. I don't feel they are the right cards to sell at our store, but I put them on the free rack w/ flyers and other promotional materials.

Delegate Recycled Books: We received your postcards. The response to the art was positive but
management decided that the subject matter was to controversial to sell them from our store. So one of us took them to a local coffee shop for people to take with them at their leisure. I liked the art and the marketing approach. I think it has great potential at another venue.
Good Luck,

Delegate The Booksmith:Hello, I did receive your postcards and although they are interesting, they're not quite right for us. If you'd like them returned, please send me a self-addressed envelope with adequate postage (in future it might be better to send only one of each card to prospective buyers rather than a whole stack). If you don't need them back I will leave them on the shelves with our free items, such as local papers and publisher giveaways.

Delegate The Big Idea: we received your cards, but we have not been able to sell anyway. we will give them away as you requested. we will not throw them away. if we get any comments about them, i will let you know!

Delegate Quimbys:Thanks for the samples, They were put in the free area. The only postcards that really move in our store are ones with high kitsch appeal, but thanks for thinking of us.

Delegate The Toadstool Bookshop:We did receive the samples, thanks. We stock very few cards, so we'll pass this time around. I like your idea though, we just might use the samples for our next note to our Congress-folk.
Thanks again,

Delegate Civic Media Center: Hey Mike, We'd be happy to give out your Postal Art Cards! If you'd like you can mail them to Civic Media Center. Thanks so much,