Executing Plan Nine
  The idea for this painting percolated in the early summer of 2005. Seeing a NASCAR licensed Bic lighter at a gas station, I held it up to the light.The NASCAR God was revealed. What might a just God be setting aflame? I gave God's lighter a victory flag and the number forty-three. By Katrina, the Hand looted from St. Peter's was completed and required a source for the stark dark light. The badge of the NOPD shone forth.. A photo of Old Glory hanging on my front porch on some appropriate holiday in Oct. or Nov. gave me a flag that flowed. I am satisfied with the flame. There is no quick and easy way to finish this painting. I am now (1/19/06) painting in the Christ figure from Abu Gharib. It may then be ready to complete with a nighttime version of the landscape on a pack of Camel cigarettes. (2/28/06) Mars, I think, is the appropriate desert landscape. The sky remains to be seen. I may change the title to "2006: Plan Nine" ??
(3/10/06) Plan Nine is finished.
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