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6-June-07: I have been remiss in awarding the International Mettle of Glory to a Gentleman in India. I sent him the standard International 13 five card set of Postal Art Cards. He gave them away freely and when I asked whether he would like some more he said "yes". I sent him 26 aets, each bound in the "Trick or Treat" cigar band. In his kindness he placed them in a temple and wrote me:

Apr 7, 8:11am hey, your new set of cards i received recently i left them in the temple i go normally and people visiting there will have look and using it... :) sorry took very long to update u abt this....
Apr 7, 10:39pm i left that in the temple, and people took them with interest, i heared like they are gone within hours i left them.... sadly i didnt have any pics of the cards being taken away by people...

I can only say that his kindness will be repaid.


2-June-07: International Mettle of Glory: 2:32pm i've kept aside a set for myself...and the rest are being used for contacting's..govt departments...and international agencies etc. and always give a personalised namecheck although your details are on the cards

11-Apr-07: I received your postcards... and I'm impressed by their quality. Thanks... and I'm pleased to report that I've found an audience for them...
A friend sent this page to me... and a number of my neighbors gave substantial sums of their money to George W. Bush in 2004. They will receive your postcards bearing a message of the flavor "Are you proud you gave $2000 of your money to George W. Bush? Happy with what you've done to America?"
I'm really going to enjoy doing this. Perhaps you'd like to suggest this tactic to potential recipients of your postcards. If I can get my ass in gear... I'm going to post this suggestion on my page... but it would get more notice if it was on your page.
Thanks for the mission...
Carry on...

13-Feb-07: I have decided to send some of them off to my senators and the exgovernor. He's running for prez incase you missed him on the daily show. Maybe I'll get on the suspect lists. I still have to work out the postcards to politicians project and start some recordkeeping. Should keep me distracted till my next grandbaby gets here.

Dec 4, 11:48pm : I got the post cards. I'm gonna mail them to Sen Hutchinson and Coryn, I can't spell his name. He is a jerk. I mail letters to him all the time, but he doesn't answer. Kay Baily H. on the other hand answers every letter.

9/28/2006:-Ms. Marjorie-Massachusetts {OPERATION TRICK? OR TREAT?} {CLASSIFIED}

Chicago-September, 2006: The first 30 of 150 postcards hit the USPS stream this morning. Each day of the next four another 30 will be sent on their way to Washington DC so that by the fifth day each of a select group of Senators will have their very own collection of Postal Art Cards. Each card included a hand-written notation and my return address. We'll see who shows up at my door.
Chicago Judi-Awarded the Mettle of Glory

Virginia-June,2006: I snuck some post cards onto the postcard rack at Tower Records. They have a revolving display with free cards that advertise Tower. I also put some cards in the postcard rack at CVS - I'd like to see someone carry a card up to the counter and ask the price.
CVS manager gets confused when customer asks the price of Plan Nine postcard and insists it is not for sale. CVS officials believe card was placed there as a secret message to activate long dormant greeting card cell. Hallmark sends greeting card investigators to CVS stores to see if birthday cards have been tampered with. CVS pulls cards for Christian and Jewish holidays from shelves fearing Islamists will stop shopping at CVS.
The Plan Nine postcard has been turned over to DHS for testing and expert interpretation.

Chicago-August, 2006: I put out five sets at the local counterculture hangout, the Heartland Cafe. If you get any hits on your web site from a secret agent in Chicago I'll expect a full delegate card!!
I didn't make it to the library last Saturday as I decided to put stamped cards in any rightist-leaning books I can find and I didn't get the stamps til today. This Saturday, for sure.

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