Making Jihad
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notes on American Jihad.....
This began as a painting of a pair of 3-D glasses. The source image is the Eye of Horus found on the back of every dollar bill. I had thought to make it a simple portrait of GW Bush. The frightening political influence wielded by the Christian right wing crowd encouraged me to alter my thinking. Their influence with the current administration started me thinking about the possible outcomes for our republic in the hands of religious fanatics. The difference between the Christian coalition and the Taliban is what exactly?.....hats? To demonstrate the horrible possibilities I found the skull image in an old anatomy book. To give this jolly figure an air of the pirate and demonstrate the inevitable result of murderous greed, I gave him an earring. For the earring I chose Fatman, the second atomic bomb we dropped on Japan. Anyone could drop the first takes something special to drop the second. For phase Four I am giving him the body of George Washington found on the front of the dollar. It should give it a more formal portrait apperence. This may take a few weeks.....maybe a few months
...more as events unfold...
Washington's jacket is being done in blue and gray. Appropriate colors , I think. The shirt will be red. It lends a good contrast and strikingly admits the blood, both our own and other's shed to become what we are.
The painting was finished during the War with Iraq. I'am not really sure what any of it means, the painting or the War. I think next time I'll paint something more innocuous.. Perhaps a blue saxophone