The Operation concluded successfully with the distribution of over 12,000 Postal Art Cards to diverse places and people. We will continue to send out the truth

The New America: Where it is Halloween every day.

Sending large boxes containing 125 sets of cards has proven presumptious and unwieldy for the recipient. This weeks offerings will be an envelope containing 30 sets with the simple request that they share the cards with friends and fellow artists.

Each five card set is handsomely bound in a special orange cigar band. While it is time consuming to do so, the act of preparing the packets is satisfying and feels as though I am personally handing each packet to whomever is at the other end.

On Monday, October 16, eight thousand Postal Art Cards were mailed Several galleries have already received their boxes and have responded warmly. Some have received their boxes and not responded at all. Of two acknowledgements received, one inquired about returning the cards. I begged him simply leave the open box of paintings on any corner in NYC and let whimsy take them. The following Monday, another four thousand were sent.

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The Chop Chop Gallery
Mama Buzz Café
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Something is up.

November 2, 2006: During October We gave away over 12,000 cards in Operation Trick? or Treat? The three to five spams I get on my mail server have disappeared. I have received no e-mail for several days. Experience tells me that if you send out that many of these paintings, someone will write something.

Interesting coincidence. After receiving no spam for over a week, I posted the above comment. Six hours later, I received six spam e-mails although I received no other e-mail. The next day 10 spams and e-mail.


3rd Street Gallery
The Willow House
Metrognome Collective
Torpedo Factory
Open Eye Café
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galapagos art space

Gigantic ArtSpace

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