October-3: Stuff is Boiling.

January 15, 2007: Below, you will find the original intent of Draloo Arts, Inc. We failed to win the game of Politics and were not elected President of the United States. This game provided the framework and direction necessary to put these paintings in the hands of large numbers of people throughout the U.S. The project has enlarged to include anyone in any part of the Earth who expresses an interest. Independent bookstores have proved to be, for the most part, hopelessly timid. We moved our focus to direct contact with the people. This Corporation's hand to hand struggle will continue to wage Peace through art.

May, 2006

Our Pledge

"You get my paintings in the hands of the People and We will help you pay the rent”

Vision Statement

“We will make these the most recognizable paintings of the early 21st century”

Mission Statement

“We will provide quality products to aid the independent bookstores of America in their struggle for continued existence. We will never sell out to the Corporate Giants who are sucking the life out of our Country and homogenizing our souls”

Business Model

The business model for this corporation is drawn from the 1952 Parker Brothers board game, “The Game of Politics”. In an adaptation of the rules, if we gain five stores in a given State, we are awarded the Electoral votes of that State. The goal of this corporation is that, by these rules, we will earn the 269 Electoral majority of the 537 total Electoral College votes as determined by the 1950 Census. If, by the November general elections and under these rules, we are elected President of the United States, then this Company will have succeeded.

About the paintings

These paintings were completed in the years of their titles. They each required an average of nine months to finish. More time was spent listening to the sycophantic jingoism of the Corporate broadcast media and thinking about the frightening changes taking place within our government than actually applying paint. As a result, these paintings represent the state of the Nation as I saw it evolve during each painting’s title year. They each began with a single image and developed over time as increasingly bizarre events unfurled. At their beginnings there was no clear vision of the completed painting. The direction of the paintings was dictated by events. They were painted, a little at a time, on glass with wooden toothpicks using small bottles of Testor’s model car enamel.

If You have any questions about the paintings or the principles of this corporation, ask. Please keep your questions brief and to the point.



"Art, like terrorism, is ambiguous. Everything depends upon your perspective"

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