Back in 2003 I needed an Arabic translation of U.S...I went to eight or ten Islamic sites in the US and Canada on my computer and asked for help. I figured that maybe one or two would answer. I received no replies. My usual half dozen daily spams ceased. viagra, no hot stocks, no dick enlargers....nothing. Three weeks later, the spam returned as if nothing had happened. I asked a friend at the quickie mart to help me. He was happy to do so. He explained that abbreviations were not used in Arabic and he wrote out "United States" When the painting was finished, I had a copy printed for a protest poster. I showed it to him and he asked me for a print. He said, "I want to hold it in my hands" The idea for this project was born. I made him the print and, when the cards were ready, gave him #1 of 963.

A few years later, I gave him a box of postcards. He put them out with other free advertising stuff and gave them away. A few weeks later he was advised that giving them away could be dangerous. A week after that, a customer came in an wandered around without buying anything. When asked if he could be helped, the customer produced a badge and asked about "those postcards" and wanted to know who made them and whether there were any more in the store.